Welcome to the DIVOC Demo

This is a short guide to help you experiment with the different modules of DIVOC.

Getting Started 

We will walk you through how different users can use DIVOC to set up and run a vaccination programme, and how citizens can access their certificates after getting vaccinated.


System Admin

  • Sets up public health programs and facilities
  • Uploads master data for the programs

Program Administrator

  • Manages facility enrollment
  • Oversees facility operations

Facility Admin

  • Manages daily operations at a specific facility
  • Sets up staff role at the facility


  • They get a digitally verifiable certificate on completion of a health program
  • Can download certificates, and report side-effects

System Admin

If you are planning to roll out a large-scale public health program in your country such as vaccination, you will first need to set up the program, facilities, and vaccinators, as well as establish a registry. Our program setup (via the orchestration module) allows you to do just that as a system admin.

Program Administrator

Once the program has been set up, you can activate/deactivate facilities, fix daily vaccination rates, and send messages to facilities as a program administrator with DIVOC.

Facility Admin

If you are a staff at a facility, then the platform enables you to create appointment schedules, decide hours of operation, and add or remove vaccinators as a facility admin.

You can also use our facility app to register new beneficiaries when they walk into a facility, as well as capture that information.


Citizens, on the other hand, can use the citizen portal to register themselves, book appointments, download certificates, and report side-effects. 

Once people get vaccinated, DIVOC enables issuing authorities/countries to issue digitally verifiable certificates, which are globally recognised. This can be done using the issue and verify certificates module of DIVOC.

DIVOC also makes it easy for countries to monitor a program, and check daily or monthly progress via its analytics module.

Besides this, countries can configure DIVOC’s feedback module to receive feedback on facilities that are running the health program.

Get in touch

Write to us if you have further questions or if you would like to start using DIVOC for a vaccination program in your country.