DIVOC Features

DIVOC has 6 features

Program setup via orchestration module

(Reference Implementation)

Create, maintain program, vaccine, facility, vaccinator registries

Facility App

(Reference Implementation)

Add new beneficiary, verify beneficiaries

Issue and Verify Certificates

(Core Module)

Issue digitally verifiable certificates, distribute them online and offline

Citizen Portal

(Reference Implementation)

Self-register, schedule appointments, download and verify certificates


(Reference Implementation)

Collect feedback on facilities, and side-effects post immunisation


(Core Module)

Performance monitoring dashboard with live updates  

Each of which can be used independently or together and integrated with existing systems

Program setup (via orchestration module)

Orchestration module is a web-based application that covers the registration and setup of the administrative functions necessary for a country, before initiating the vaccine rollout program.The orchestration module is used for setting up the registries for streamlined public health program execution. Countries who do not have digital health registries can use this module to enable digital infrastructure for any kind of public health programs. Various functions facilitated by this module are listed below.

Establishing the Registries for the Vaccination Program

DIVOC Can Create Registries or configure the existing ones

Program Registry

Program Registry

Vaccination programs

Active status

Allowed vaccines

Start and End dates

Certificate templates

Vaccine Registry

Vaccine Registry

Approved vaccines

Active Status

Vaccination schedule

Batch deny list

Max retail price

Vaccination method

Age/Gender/Geo filter

Facility Registry

Approved facilities


Active status

Vaccination daily rate

Total supply

Rating & Feedback

Maximum vaccination stations

Vaccinator Registry

Trained vaccinators

Active status

Training certificate

Associated facilities

Rating & Feedback

Citizen Portal

Besides the pre-enrolled recipients, other recipients can walk into facilities or can get self-registered. Facility Staff/citizen can use the enroll recipient/self-registration tab/app respectively and can enter details like name, gender, DOB, National ID, contact details, and can register the beneficiary for vaccination. The software will provide features to integrate with a payment gateway for walk-in recipients to make on-the-spot payments. It can be configured based on country specific requirements.


Provision to enable self-registration and appointment scheduling by citizens for the country’s vaccination drive.
Features included are:

Selection of vaccination program(s)

Conduct eligibility check (program-based)

Provision to register up to 4 members, using one Mobile number

Provision to delete appointment(s)

Provision for viewing available facility slots and scheduling appointment(s)

Provision for selecting health facilities using Pin/ZipCode

Facility App

Facility app is an application-based module to be used by the facility staff to carry out day-to-day tasks in the facility. This is a multilingual application and the staff can choose the language as per their comfort and convenience.

Progressive Web-App to Manage Offline/Online Vaccination recording

Can be used by health facility staff to carry out day-to-day vaccination tasks in the facility

Verification of beneficiaries (who were pre-enrolled in the system at the time of Registry Setup by a System Admin)


Provision for “multilingual certificates” for recipients (print the Certificate in a language-of-their-choice)

Managing “recipient queue” to view and manage the list of beneficiaries scheduled for vaccinations

Enrolment of walk-in beneficiaries for on-the-spot registration and vaccinations


Issue and Verify Certificates

DIVOC’s credentialing module enables delivery of digitally verifiable certificates for public health programs. It also facilitates off-line verification of the issued certificate by relevant program-identified authorities.  The module supports the following services


Supports interoperability, issuance of WHO-DDCC:VS & EU:DCC certificate

Accommodates syntax and semantic codifications

Configurable certification template

Authenticity verifiable via digitally signed QR code

Available digitally on a smartphone with QR code

Printable for non-smartphone users

Multilingual templates (for data and layout)

The ability for users to download/print after vaccination either at the facility or from home

Digital locker and other extensible integrations for subsequent usage


The feedback module offers a citizen portal for a country’s population to report feedback on the vaccination episode. This includes feedback on the vaccinator who performed the inoculation, the facility where the inoculation was performed, side effects from the vaccination, and so forth. In the future, This module will also have open interfaces to integrate with a country’s existing AEFI reporting systems.
Here are the key features:

Structured feedback

  • Configurable and expert-driven

Various Types

  • Facility rating & feedback
  • Vaccinator rating & feedback
  • Vaccination response feedback


  • Public portal, inbound SMS, IVR, WhatsApp, other apps via API
  • Multiple languages

Self-service and assisted modes

Integrable with AEFI systems and processes


DIVOC dashboard is a performance monitoring dashboard giving insights on day-to-day vaccination. The dashboard is completely configurable and enables a plug-n-play function. Each country can build their own custom reports using DIVOC without hampering the actual production database.

You can analyse multiple dimensions including region, gender, age, etc. based on the data provided by DIVOC. An illustrated use case for India has been depicted here.

The dashboard provides the following features :


  • Heat Map showing regional vaccination numbers with state and district-wise drill down features.
  • Number of certificates generated on a daily basis
  • Performance Monitoring by state, gender and vaccine type
  • Highlights vaccination rate by the hour each day
  • Feedback tracker with recipient feedback