Who is building the DIVOC software?

DIVOC is offered under an MIT open source license. (https://github.com/egovernments/DIVOC/blob/main/LICENSE). All software components within DIVOC are built as open-source and made available free of charge to anyone around the world. This project is maintained by eGov Foundation, India.

Does DIVOC allow countries to issue digitally verifiable credentials/certificates to people?

Yes, verifiable credentialing is the core module of DIVOC. Certificates are natively digital, machine-readable, digitally signed, verifiable, and also printable with a secure and tamper-proof QR code. This makes it easy for people to carry/store it electronically or physically. Templates/formats of the certificates can be configured based on your need.

I want to use DIVOC to manage multiple health (such as vaccination) programmes across various parts of the country. Is that possible?

Yes, DIVOC is designed to manage multiple health programmes concurrently. For each programme, both facilities and medicines can be managed within DIVOC.

Does DIVOC allow only government facilities or does it also allow the use of private facilities?

DIVOC is built to provide flexibility to the adopter through the facility registry. This enables adopters to choose either government facilities, private facilities, or a combination of both. It depends completely on how the adopter wants to roll out the health programme.