Technical Architecture

Guiding Principles

N Micro-services & API based Interoperable 

N Scalable 

N Flexible & Configurable Observable

N Resilient
N Privacy & Security by design Open Standards  
N Trustable 
N Internationalizable 

System Flow

Technical Architecture

DIVOC is purely an open-source software (not a hosted platform/service) built with strong technical design, privacy, and security principles. It is built as generalized, configurable, and extensible software so that adopters can use it for themselves, on their preferred cloud, configure/extend the way they want, and rapidly roll out vaccination using a digital backbone.

DIVOC is built on top of the generalized electronic registry and credentialing framework of OpenSABER project under Sunbird RC Registry and Credentialing.

DIVOC is an open source project (MIT License) created in India to help the rapid rollout of digital credentials for vaccination programs, manage core registries to support vaccination credentialing, and optionally collect post-vaccination feedback from citizens.

Key Highlights –

  • DIVOC has been built using a microservices architecture with open API integration capabilities and can be hosted on-cloud, on- premise cloud.
  • DIVOC is built on top of the generalized electronic registry and credentialing framework available under Sunbird Registry and Credentialing. and “On-Premise Bare Metal servers’ as well.
  • The DIVOC platform is built on the concepts of “Plug & Play” and “Single source of truth”. DIVOC components can work in various combinations, based on countries’ digital ecosystem and end user needs. Eg : Various valid ID and payment systems of the country.
  • Designed to plug and play with various certificate distribution schemes (printed with QR code, digital using smartphones, sms/email attachments, digital lockers, blockchain based apps, etc).
  • Designed to cater to the diversity of use cases in terms of choice of facility (Government to private facilities) at various geographies within the country, choice of payment (Govt is paying, employers and other funds paying, and individuals paying), choice of IDs (digital IDs, mobile numbers, no IDs), etc.
  • Can be used fully or specific microservices (such as certificate microservice or feedback microservice) can be deployed and used independently.
  • Highly “configurable” (vaccines, vaccination frequency, approved facilities, trained vaccinators, certificate template, authentication mechanisms, etc.) and also “extensible” (there are many parts of software that can be extended, replaced with country specific components without having to customize (allows easy upgradability).